10% of all Profit will be given to Charity

As religious Jews, we are obligated to give 10% of all our profits to charity. This Mitzvah (good deed) is called Maaser.

What is maaser?

(Copied from chabad.org)

It’s short for maaser kesafim. Maaser comes from the Hebrew word eser, “10,” and kesafim comes from the word kesef, “money.” So, it refers to the mitzvah of giving away one-tenth of your income to charity.

Even though for a religious Jew this is a no brainer - I wanted to highlight this fact on my website. We have many opportunities to give charity - including supporting our childrens schools, organizations that help the sick and needy, our synagogues, and most recently the uproar in Eretz Yisroel.

According to the Talmud, when we give Maaser we will become wealthy! It is the one area in Torah that we can actually test G-d!

If we are not careful on this Mitzvah it could G-d forbid go the other way! The Talmud explains that "when we do not tithe the income that G‑d gives us, we will receive just the tithe!"


This is just a short summary of Maaser and why its so important to give it. Be a smart investor! Give Maaser!

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