Shabbos Prep Shmooze ט שבת

Shabbos Prep Shmooze ט שבת

This morning I got up early to start preparing for Shabbos.

My plan was organized and set to go into motion!
But then something went wrong and I had to switch things up. It wasn’t a big deal, something small but when I make a plan I like to try to stick with it.

I think in the past I would have felt frustrated. I would have felt like “why is this happening I just want to do a Mitzvah of preparing for Shabbos”.
Or if I was in a different sort of mood the mixup in plans would have made me confused and unable to continue till I sat down to rest a little.

But slowly slowly Im learning that its Hashems plan, and He has everything organized down to the T. And if you are running on Hashems schedule, everything gets done when it needs to get done. Nothing that goes wrong is your fault. Its all part of the master plan.
Once this was the focus I just looked at my plan now, switched gears and moved on.

So now I’ll go back to my cooking, and B”eH Hashem should keep giving me the strength to stay calm and trust that although we need to do our part, ultimately He’s the master planner and He is going to make sure everything will end up exactly the way it should be.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Shabbos!


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