Yiddishkeit & Sustainability

Living a sustainable lifestyle, I believe, is very in line with being a frum Jew. Its a mitzvah not to do Ba’al Tashchis, and that means not to create waste, or throw out things unnecessarily.

In todays day and age with disposable products being so available, and making our lives so much easier, its so easy to fall into bad habits that create a tremendous waste and literal hurt our world.

Thats not to say I never use disposable items. I DO. Especially when the stress of cooking for a 3 day yom tov and feeding 20+ people at each meal reaches its heights, I am definitely going to the store and getting those fancy disposables.

But not without any guilt. Not without feeling that I am contributing to the landfill and hurting our beautiful world that Hashem gave us.

And that’s only half the issue. Countless plastic bags from clothing orders, with each piece individually wrapped. How can we stop the flood?

In the end. I cannot do alot. I can only do a little. And a little at a time. And a little plus a little starts to add up to alot!

All our products are print on demand. That means that I don't have 100s of stock sitting in a warehouse taking up space. And I also don't have the potential of throwing out products that became obsolete if they were not purchased, or went out of fashion.

That means that on YOUR end you will need to wait longer for your product to arrive. Some of them are literally printed and sewn upon order! (Others just need to be printed on).

I know this can be inconvenient, especially when we are so used to 2 day shipping, and thats why I encourage you to please make sure you have a minimum of 3 weeks to allow for delays when you order anything, since at times the shipping is unpredictable.

Thank you for Shopping with Kedusha Kids

You're truly;


Shira Herman | CEO


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