Lighting Shabbos Candles: A Hidden Blessing for Good Children

Lighting Shabbos Candles: A Hidden Blessing for Good Children

In a recent encounter with a generous lady in our community offering leftover olive oil from Chanukah, a unique tradition surfaced.
I suggested she keep it and use it for Shabbos candles, sharing that it's believed to be a Segulah for raising good children – a belief I've witnessed in real life. Surprisingly, she hadn't heard of it before, and it got me thinking.

Later, during a casual chat with a friend, I discovered she, too, was unfamiliar with this tradition. Two ladies in a week? I knew I had to delve into the source and share it with others.

Enter the Kaf HaChayim (264:38), a source that sheds light on the connection between using oil for Shabbos candles and the assurance of having children well-versed in Torah. According to this wisdom, oil is likened to Torah, drawing a beautiful parallel between the illuminating nature of oil and the profound light the Torah brings to the world. The Midrash Tanchuma (Ki Savo 3:1) further emphasizes this connection, portraying the Torah as light akin to the radiance of oil.

The insights don't end there. The Chida, in Machzik B’racha (264:2), echoes the sentiment that lighting Shabbos candles with oil ensures the upbringing of children deeply rooted in Torah learning.

So, before you consider giving away that leftover olive oil from Chanukah, think twice. It turns out, it's not just for the Festival of Lights; it's a year-round blessing for your home and family.

Spread the word, and let's keep the Shabbos candle flame alive with the warmth of tradition and the promise of raising children steeped in Torah knowledge.



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