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Light Pink Aleph Beis Toddler Backpack

Light Pink Aleph Beis Toddler Backpack


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Introducing the Aleph Beis Toddler Backpack - a delightful and educational accessory that brings the light of Torah into your little one's everyday adventures.


  • Fantastic design with high quality: high-grade PU leather.
  • Strong and water resistant & vivid image by excellent printing technology.
  • Adjustable padded faux leather shoulder strap for easy and comfortable carrying.


10.63" Height x 9.05" Width x 4.13" Depth

Estimated Production Time

4-6 Days

Estimated Shipping Time

1-2 Weeks

Designed with the utmost care, this backpack combines fantastic design and high-quality craftsmanship to provide a unique and meaningful experience. Crafted from high-grade PU leather, this backpack is not only visually stunning but also strong and water-resistant.

The excellent printing technology ensures vivid and captivating images that will catch the eye of both children and parents alike.

The adjustable padded faux leather shoulder strap guarantees easy and comfortable carrying, providing a hassle-free experience for your little explorer.

The standout feature of this backpack is the Aleph Beis design, which allows children to review and reinforce their letters wherever they go.

With the Aleph Beis right at their fingertips, your child will have a constant reminder of the foundations of their learning. It's a fantastic way to engage and inspire young minds, making learning a joyful and immersive experience.

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